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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Some transcription and attempted translation.

I recently downloaded eiposde 11 of ouran high school host club (おうらん高校ホスト部) raw,and understood enough of it to be spurred into trying to transcribe it.

I'll put some of the text from the beginning of the show here, then after each line my english translation and I'll do a vocab list of words that interest me at the end.

怪物が出て来るかも知れないのだからお兄ちゃんを探さなきゃならないの A monster may come out, so I must find big brother.

お兄ちゃまは素敵な王子様だからきっと怪物を退治してくれるの Since my older brother is a wonderful prince, He'll surely get rid of the monster.

いらっしゃいませ! Welcome!

おや!これは珍しいお客様な oho! This is an unusual customer, isn't it?

ようこそ迷子の子猫ちゃん Welcome, my lost kitten.

扉を開けると、そこは警察でした When I opened the door, there were police there.

子猫ちゃん、どこから来たかにゃぁ? Kitten, where did you come from nya?

逆ハーレム!逆ハーレムだ! Reverse harem! Its a reverse harem! (referring to the fact there are multiple boys and only 1 of her)

こりゃ遺憾プールで泳いだ時の水がまだ耳の中に残っているようだ This is terrible, it seems that there is still water in my ears from when I was swimming in the pool.

アハハハハ!総監殿そうですよね! ahahaha! Thats right inspector!

こんなちっこい子が客ハーレムなんて言っていたような気がしたのは僕らの耳が可笑しかったんですよね Getting the feeling that this tiny child said something like 'gyaku ha-remu (reverse harem)', Our ears were being funny wern't they.

酒池肉林!わ~い!ご酒池肉林だ! Orgy! wa-i! its an orgy!

眼鏡キャラ! The glasses character!

ロリショタ! loli shota! (term for attraction to underage boys)

ストイック系! The stoic type!

近親相姦! Incest!

がり勉! Drudge!

お兄ちゃま!金髪だからお兄ちゃま! Big brother! You have blonde hair, so you're my brother!

聞いてないよー妹なんて言ったの We havn't heard about this, that you had a little sister

いや、俺は確か一人子で一人子だったと思うんだが No well, I'm sure I'm a single child. Well I thought I was a single child..

言われて見れば似てるかも知れないのね二人とも金髪だし If you look at it like that, you two might suit each other. you ARE both blonde..

そもそも眼鏡キャラとお兄ちゃまは同列言葉なのか To begin with are 'glasses character' and 'elder brother' really the same rank of word?

良いじゃないですか自分なんてがり勉ですよ Isn't that ok? I'm drudgy!

ええと、お嬢ちゃんお名前は。。 err, what's your name young lady?

キリミ! Kirimi!

切り身。。? Kirimi..? (slice of fish/meat)

キリミちゃん何かの間違いじゃないかな多分俺に妹はいないはず何だが Kirimi, Havn't you made some kind of mistake? I probably shouldn't have a younger sister.

金髪なのにお兄ちゃまじゃないの Even though you have blonde hair, you're not my older brother? ;_;

お。。俺は I.. I'm

「つられやすい」 (Easily lured)

分かった今日から俺は君のお兄ちゃま、お兄ちゃまだよー可愛い! Understood, from today I'm your elder brother, elder brother! cute!

OK, I'm cutting it right here and listing vocab:

怪物 ー かいぶつ - Monster
出て来る - でてくる - To come out
出る - でる - To exit, to leave, to come out
来る - くる - To come
知る - しる - To know
かも知れない - かもしれない - a set phrase meaning that the speaker can't know about that, roughly equivalent to '~might be'
早く - はやく - Quickly (adverb form of the adjective 早い)
探す - さがす - to look for, to search
~なきゃならない - ~なければならない - If ~ is not done that wouldn't do (must ~).
王子様 - おうじさま - Prince
退治 - たいじ - Exterminate
珍しい - めずらしい - Unusual, rare
いらっしゃいませ - Welcome (polite)
お客 - おきゃく - Guest (polite)
ようこそ - Welcome
迷子 - まいご - Lost (stray) child
子 - こ - Child
猫 - ねこ - cat
子猫 - こねこ - Kitten
扉 - とびら - Door
開ける - あける - To open
警察 - けいさつ - Police
逆 - ぎゃく - Reverse
ハーレム - Harem (referring to a situation where females vastly outnumber males)
遺憾 - いかん - Regrettable (often used as an exclamation)
プール - Pool
泳ぐ - およぐ - To swim
時 - とき - Time
水 - みず - Water
耳 - みみ - Ear
中 - なか - Inside, In
残る - のこる - To remain
総監 - そうかん - Inspector
言う - いう - To say
気 - き - Mind, spirit
気がする - きがする - To have a hunch
酒池肉林 - しゅちにくりん - A feast (or an orgy)
眼鏡 - めがね - Glasses
ロリショタ - Loli shota (attraction to underage boys)
ストイック - stoic
近親相姦! - きんしんそうかん - Incest
がり勉 - がりべん - Drudge
金髪 - きんぱつ - Blonde hair
聞く - きく - To hear, to ask
妹 - いもうと - Younger sister