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If any of the posts I make are useful to people studying Japanese, I'd be honoured. General material I thought was interesting for my Japanese study or stuff I just wrote in Japanese. 本ブログの投稿が日本語の学習者にとって役に立てたらいいななんて思っています。色んなくだらない事を書き込むつもりですw。 もはや日本語学習者向けなブログではなくなっていますが・・・

Saturday, June 03, 2006

First post! Welcome.

Ok, I havn't 100% decided what content will go here yet, but I think it would be nice to provide some Japanese material such as articles, essays or stories written in Japanese. I may also end up posting other learning related material, but thats not been decided. The name of the blog comes from the origin of our word for good old
! from Chinese jih pun "sunrise" (equivalent of Japanese Nippon)


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